As we will be posting a new Patreon video once a month, at this time I want to address the few who have felt disenfranchised with Randy for doing so.

The main objection seems to be that he will no longer be giving away free information.

Yet we will still be posting 3-4 new videos a month on our YT channel, The Real Gunsmith.  So those who like the content will still be seeing new content. We are not leaving.

Another objection is that “Randy got free mentoring so he should mentor for free, too,” or some variation so therefore all information he publishes should always be free.

If anyone feels like that they don’t understand the investment Randy has in his knowledge.  Yes, he was blessed, very blessed, to have had numerous great mentors that didn’t charge him for passing on their knowledge. 

But he has spent 50+ years acquiring knowledge on his own though the purchase of books, trade magazines, and hours of untold hours of R &D AT OUR OWN expense, plus what he paid for his college education which no one paid for but himself. He says he learns something new every day.  He looks forward to that.  But he doesn’t expect anyone to “give” him free information/knowledge.

So he is playing forward the help he got by the number of free videos.  Judging by the feedback it is reaching more people, in a positive way, too, I may add, than we ever imagined!  Thank you all!

We do work for a living.  Yet Randy is gladly sharing his information, freely, on our YT channel.  When we started YT was paying the same for this type of content as it was for other channels.  Yet we still planned, eventually, to start the Patreon channel for those that wanted more in-depth information.  A private “club” if you will, for those more serious about acquiring knowledge. 

The fact that YT cut back on monetary payment for firearm related videos was not the leading factor.  But it did prompt us to start the Patreon channel sooner than later. 

If you object to the Patreon channel and Randy charging for sharing more in-depth knowledge, don’t subscribe.  Simple.  Yes, we will have videos on YT that will promote each new Patreon “for pay” video.  People can then choose to pay for just that particular video, or become a monthly subscriber. Either way is fine. 

We have been accused of “switch and bait”.  That was not our intent, it is just a preview of what information will be available on the Patreon channel and it is so stated in the intro below the video.  It has become obvious by the comments of some detractors that the intro is not being read.  We will place a notice at the beginning of each intro video in the future.  A viewer will know up front that it will promote a Patreon channel video and decide to watch the intro or not.


For the diehard detractors that think all information Randy has should be disseminated for free, there is no explanation we can offer you that will satisfy you. Vote for Bernie Sanders and maybe he can see that all information, everywhere will be free.   Randy is sharing a lot of information and he is also charging for some. Those will be in the minority.  We still have to pay bills.  [Bernie hasn’t helped us with those yet!]

And we are old-fashioned enough to feel if you want something badly enough you will work for it, pay for it and not expect a free ride.

For all of our subscribers and followers, both on The Real Gunsmith YouTube Channel and Patreon, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  You have made this a great experience!!

God bless you all, even our detractors!!