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Welcome to The Real Gunsmith! Randy Selby has built custom rifles for over 52 years and this channel is to share his knowledge, ideas, opinions, and maybe even a story or two. Stay tuned for weekly videos and Randy will show and tell us how real gun building is done!


Randy Selby has been building rifles for over 52 years. In this introduction video he shares with us what it took to get him where he is today. There is arguably no other gun maker with the experience and knowledge that Randy has obtained through a lifetime of gun building and load development. Welcome to The Real Gunsmith!

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Folks please watch and share. I’m honored to have Randy Selby as a friend. He has always been there with advice and most of all his knowledge. Others may talk Randy backs it up with rounds on target and advice that has come with his life experiences that are priceless.  James Radar

The all-time best gunsmith I’ve ever met, when Randy speaks you know it’s right, examine and shoot one of his rifles and there will be no doubt.  Greg Thompson


Randy tells us what you can expect if you order a custom rifle build from Randy’s Custom Rifles. Randy offers services including re-barreling, load development, complete custom rifle builds including hunting rifles, long range rifles, bench rest rifles and take down rifles. Randy’s vast experience allows him to work with any manufacturer’s actions to build on or to get shooting better!

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Randy gives a little history on the 7mm Remington Magnum and dispels the myth that it’s a good long range hunting cartridge. Randy also compares a few other calibers and gives maximum shooting distances for each when used for hunting.


In part 2 Randy talks about hunter ethics with long range shooting, including using proper bullets to shoot game.


Randy talks about his method for developing loads for long range shooting.


Randy demonstrates his preferred method to shoot from the bench.


Randy talks about Long Range and the use/misuse of Ballistic Coefficients and proper bullet selection for hunting purposes.


Randy describes his process to build a custom rifle on a McMillan stock.


Randy demonstrates his method for chambering a rifle barrel.


Randy updates us during his process of developing a load for a 300 Weatherby build and talks about the group size change with differences in charges, bullets, seating depth etc.


With a lifetime of horseback riding, exploring and hunting the Northwest corner of Wyoming, Randy gives us his first hand account of the drastic change and impact the wolf has had on the wildlife of Wyoming. With a dramatic reduction in elk numbers and now a close to nonexistent moose population we have a serious problem in Wyoming and other states in the West.


Randy talks about his muzzle breaks and demonstrates their efficiency on a 300 Weatherby rifle.


Randy gives us the real history of the 7mm Remington Magnum as developed by Les Bowman in the 1960’s in Northwest Wyoming.


Randy has been building custom Take Down Rifles for 20 years. In this video he shows the features of a fiberglass stock Take Down Rifle and a factory wood stock Take Down Rifle and tells us what goes into building them and compatible calibers for multi-barreled rifles. To see more info on Randy’s Take Down Rifles, visit:


Randy talks ethics, from sharing the land with fellow hunters to why you shouldn’t follow the example of the Game and Fish. He also touches on the subject of long range “hunting” and respecting private property. As Randy admonishes in this video, we’re all in this together, let’s mind our manners and have good hunting ethics!


The Real Gunsmith Randy Selby talks us through his process on building a wood stock from a blank of high quality walnut. Randy builds custom rifles on wood stocks he carves and finishes by hand. Call Randy’s Custom Rifles for the finest quality custom rifle for all purposes including bench shooting, long range shooting, hunting or even for an investment and you won’t be disappointed! Don’t forget to visit the website at and


Randy talks about his experience with the 6.5 Creedmoor and the problems he’s encountered with the popular cartridge.

Be sure to check out The Real Gunsmith at and to inquire about a custom rifle built by Randy go to

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Randy demonstrates how he shapes a wood stock for a custom rifle build from a solid wood blank.

Be sure to check out The Real Gunsmith at and to inquire about a custom rifle built by Randy go to

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Ron Faria has known Randy Selby for 26 years. Randy has built Ron a number of rifles and is a very satisfied client and friend!


With a lifetime of experience building guns and hunting game, it’s not hard for Randy to tell what really goes on with these long range hunting videos that self-proclaimed expert gun builders, with no formal training in gun building or long range shooting have been producing to promote the long range hunting “capabilities” of the insanely expensive rifle systems that they build.
Though they are often successful at killing animals at long distances, what they will never show on camera are the missed shots, the wounded game that got away, or the disabled animals from shots that are taken too far for the bullet to work properly to humanely kill. And then they have to put the animal out of its misery at 50 yards before they show the trophy and boost their egos in front of the camera. Just to sell the rifle they promote that it’s supposedly capable of killing at 1000+ yards straight from the company.
Randy also has received first hand eye witness accounts from people who have witnessed these so called hunters shooting long distance at game which require multiple shots, sometimes up to a whole box of ammo, to kill or disable an animal at extreme long range, taking sometimes up to an hour to anchor an animal and in many instances having to put the animal down after finally making it over to discover it is still alive.
The videos they produce are doctored and will never show what really happens on these long range hunts. This is wrong and it has to stop! Just because you have an overly expensive gun that can shoot a bullet over a mile doesn’t mean the equipment or the shooter is capable of killing game at long range!
This has been and continues to be dishonest marketing to sell product.


Randy describes the right way to resize your fired cases to reload properly.