All prices quoted on this site are base prices. This is a custom rifle shop and each client may want different components to make up their particular rifle, which, in turn, will affect the end price.  Also, the price of individual components can rapidly fluctuate, changing base prices.
We find that a give and take discussion by phone, e-mail or in person is the best way for us to help our clients arrive at the best possible component configuration to fit the needs, wants and budget of every individual.  At the time we have all of the particulars agreed upon, the client will be given the final price, with shipping and insurance and an estimated time frame for the work to be completed.  We strive to get the work out on or before the time given.
Orders for rifle repairs, rebarreling, and conversions and custom rifle orders will be 100% payment to get the work done.  For custom rifle orders there are no refunds or changes made to the order once the order has been finalized.
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We accept good old-fashioned cash, money orders, cashier’s checks, personal checks [with prior approval], or Discover, MasterCard or Visa credit or debit cards.  We only accept information on cards via the telephone or in person.  Please, do not send the information via email as that is not a secure method for doing so.
Our work is guaranteed to satisfy.  If a client runs into a problem and needs to send a rifle back for diagnostic testing or work, the client will be responsible for the cost of the work and shipping both ways.  However, if we find the work is as a result of an error on our part [very rare, indeed!] there will be no charge for the work or the shipping.  If, however, there are other factors involved the client will be contacted before any work begins with an estimate of the work plus the current hourly rate of $90.00/hour, plus cost of parts and components.
Many people ask why there are no prices listed, other than on the Rifle Packages page,  on the rifles pictured.  These rifles were all built to specific specifications for individual clients and represent just a fraction of the work Randy does.  Each rifle ordered, even if based on a rifle pictured, can have price variations due to cost of the components at the time and on each individuals custom desires.  There are hundreds of combinations, if not thousands, of combinations to come up with the price for an individuals, plus the prices of components are constantly changing, upward for the most part.
We look forward to working with each client on the perfect blend of workmanship and quality components that fit their hunting and shooting needs and desires.   After discussing all of the possibilities, we will give a quote to the client for their unique rifle. All sales on custom rifles are final as these are custom orders, funds are  non-refundable once the order is finalized.

Custom Rifle Pricing [prices subject to change due to caliber or supplier costs to us]


  • Douglas chrome-moly $500 and up
  • Douglas stainless $625 and up
  • Shilen chrome-moly $500 and up
  • Shilen stainless, $625 and up
  • Lilja, Hart, Kreger and Broughton stainless $675 and up
  • Other makes of barrels available upon request
  • Fluting of any barrel $120 and up
  • Blue barrel, chrome-moly $80 and up
  • Blue barrel and action, chrome-moly $190 and up
  • Ceramic coat barrel $80
  • Ceramic coat barrel and action $260

Other makes of barrels available upon request.

Custom options

Base prices for a full custom built rifles in lightweight, long range, takedown, varmint and bench rest start at approximately $2400.  Custom conversions of existing rifles are on quote only.

  • Fiberglass or wood stocks, prices vary depending on manufacturer and make, while wood will vary depending on type and class of wood, checkered or not, from blank or not.
  • Pillar and glass bedding, depending on need
  • Bluing of chrome-moly actions and barrels
  • Alterations to existing rifles to customize
  • Single shot bench rest actions built for precision shooting
  • 1000 yard actions built with 4 bolt faces

All prices listed here are base prices. As this is a custom shop a client may want to add or subtract different features, which, will in turn, affect the price.  We work with our clients to arrive at a custom rifle or conversion rifle that will suit the individuals needs, desires and budget.  At the time of finalization of input between the client and Randy a total price and estimated time of completion will be given.  We strive to get the work done in a timely fashion. See pricing, above, for payment options and methods. Call or email with questions.

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Rifle Services Pricing

Barrel reboring, rerifling and rechambering starts at $475.  Depending on current work load turnaround time can be from 4 months to 6 months and we will tell you at the time a work order is placed. Alterations, feeding work, drilling & tapping, special machining, bolt handles installed or altered are all quoted on an individual order and custom need. Complete load work up for individual rifles is based on an hourly rate of $90/hour plus the cost of components and is all done on-sight at our test facility and range.  Full ballistic information will be supplied with loads and velocities as well as the actual test target, not a computer generated target.

  • Trigger’s tuned and adjusted $45
  • Glass bed action $75 and up
  • Pillar bedded $180
  • Hi-Tech fiberglass stocks $700
  • Square or blueprint Rem. actions $50
  • Sako extractors installed in Remington actions $145
  • Rechambering starting at $90
  • Chamberings in 100’s of calibers

Selby Bench Rest Actions

  • Starting at $1200
  • Jewell triggers installed for an extra $275
  • Kelby rings for an additional $90


This shop is a full service repair shop offering all gunsmithing servics for modern rifles, excluding AR’s.  We have a private firing range and a custom load work up service as well as reloading service.  Specialties include lightweight, long range, takedown, varmint, and bench rest rifles with calibers ranging from .17 to 50 BMG.

You may ship by Postal Service, USPS to our Post Office Box, or by Fed Ex or UPS to our physical address.  Both Fed Ex and UPS may ask for either a copy of our FFL or the FFL number to ship a rifle to us for repair or conversion and we will provide that at the time if needed.  If you do not have a UPS or Fed Ex call center near you most sporting goods stores will handle the shipping for you, for a nominal fee.  All carriers need to know the rifle or action, as the case may be, are being shipped to an FFL dealer, which we are.  We strongly recommend you insure anything you are shipping for the full value as well as keeping any tracking information given to you.  You may have to specifically ask for one at USPS.  Your local Post Office can explain the various mean available to you. Some are very anti-firearm and will refuse, even though it is legal to send a firearm to a dealer for conversion or repair. We normally ship custom rifles or any repair or conversion work by USPS as it is a 12 mile round trip versus a 48 to 50 mile round trip for UPS or Fed Ex shipping.  However, if you prefer not to receive your product via the Post Office, let us know up front and the charges will reflect the change of shipping method.  On all firearms we request an adult signature as do the carriers.  Always ship in an appropriate hard sided case and make sure it is securely sealed.  For custom firearms we will include a hard sided case in the quote unless you specifically want it sent in a case of your own.
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