Custom Rifle Maker - Randy's Custom Rifles

Custom Rifles

Custom rifles are my specialty and passion. I have been building precision rifles since 1969, making the most accurate custom rifles available. I build a wide range of custom rifles including wood stocked rifles, fiberglass stocked rifles, long range rifles, takedown rifles, tactical rifles, varmint rifles, and bench rest rifles to each client’s specifications. Each custom rifle is built to exacting standards and paired with custom load development will provide a superior custom rifle for our clients.

Custom Load Development

Our shop offers custom load development for custom rifles and custom rifle conversions. We have our own on-site range to test fire all rifles and chronograph every round using the best possible components for the caliber and application to obtain optimal results for target shooting, competition shooting, small or big game hunting or the long range shooting enthusiast. All load data and an actual target provided.  Call Randy for a quote to have him work up a custom load for your rifle.

Rifle Services

Randy’s Custom Rifles, custom built or custom conversions, are top of the line rifles, built to exacting standards, tight tolerances and extensive testing. This individual attention to every facet of each custom order places the finished product far above the average store bought rifle. As a result he has many repeat customers. One has even had over 20 custom rifles made by Randy in the last two and a half decades.


A top custom rifle needs optics to match the use of the rifle. We offer a wide range of optics to fit many needs. Our preference, based on years of experience and cross-comparisons in many conditions, are Zeiss, Swarovski, Horus Vision and Night Force scopes. Fixed reticle system optics offer the most reliable and repeatable performance on the market. The choice of caliber and application will dictate the most appropriate choice.