Shared with permission from Barry S of NH, received 3-11-2018:

Hello Randy and Cathy,

I hope this finds you both well, I recently came across your YouTube Channel and I wanted to send you a note. First off, thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with the rest of us. Like many of the comments on your YouTube videos, I believe that it\’s impossible for anyone these days to gather the combination of knowledge that you have acquired over the years, starting with your Granddad\’s passion, to your relationship with Les Bowman, Gunsmithing school and jobs and relationships with Speer and Burris.
Everything out there now is built on CNC machines by passionless people. I work for a specialty firearms auction house in New Hampshire and I get to meet gentlemen like yourself all the time and unfortunately when your generation is gone your wealth of knowledge and passion will be gone too. Every day we have consignors come in with firearms because their children have no passion for them or the family of someone who passed and they no longer want them.
I\’m sorry for the long winded email, but I felt the need to contact you. I also enjoy your un-politically correct views on unethical hunting practices and you do a good job of holding back sometimes when you catch yourself wanting to say something bad haha.
I\’m jealous of the fact that you’ve spent your whole life doing something you love(we should all be so lucky), you live in a beautiful part of the country and get to shoot/test and hunt right out your back door.
In closing, I wish you two the best of health and happiness and I look forward to spending more hours listening to your videos and learning.

Best Regards and Stay Safe



A recent FB testimonial from client Jerry Ford.  Thanks Jerry!

I have the pleasure of owning two custom rifles made by Randy, a custom 270 and a switch barrel in 7MM/6.5 Rem Mag. I also own several rifles from other sources, but the others don’t come close to my Selbys.
Randy spent an incredible amount of time working with me to ensure that my final product would do what I wished it to do, from countless conversations on caliber vs intended use, barrel configuration, stock options, trigger application and optic choices. Through it all both Randy’s incredible knowledge and expertise and Cathy’s regular updates and pleasant communications made the process enjoyable, fun and educational. When I received the first rifle i was simply entranced. I held in my hands a truly perfect work of art. Randy worked up a fantastic load for it, then had the scope reticle ground to match.
That first rifle was a gift for my Wife and she loves it ! Diana had no practical experidnce shooting rifles at distance, yet her very first group measured well under .5 minute of angle and she has since bettered even that ! Thanks to Randy’s hard work, it’s as simple to use as it is exacting in its performance.
That left me needing a rifle of my own that could shoot with hers and once again Randy came through wonderfully. That rifle not only out shoots any other I have put it up against, but the round Randy custom created for it out performs off the shelf rifles in the same caliber by well over 200 fps.
If you are seeking the very best, best craftsmanship, best accuracy, best performance, best customer service, best people to work with, look no further, it’s right here. No one builds a better rifle, load and complete package.
At the moment of truth, if you do your part, I know your Selby rifle will do its part, perfectly, every time.
Jerry Ford


From a letter dated Feb. 20, 1991 from the late Eb Tarr, Cody gunsmith, owner of Cody Trading Company, Inc. and inventor the Wyoming Split Sling, reads in part:

“It was really a pleasant surprise when I got my first look at Randy’s shop and his vast amount of equipment.  He had an extensive amount of dies, reamers, bullet molds, power tools, bench grinders, drills, gunsmthing tools, etc, including an extensive library of technical data.  In fact, I don’t think that I have ever seen a better collection of gunsmithing tools and equipment in any shop I have ever visited, or in fact, owned.  Some of Randy’s reamers and special tools I have never seen before and he told me that much of what he’d acquired had been given to him from his Grandfather before his death and he had inherited the remainder upon his [Grandfather’s] death.

Some of the special jigs and gun working fixtures he said he had designed and built himself as there were none on the market in the caliber he wanted.

The amount of time, material and expertise that is necessary to accomplish this is tremendous.

Randy probably has a life time of work in the special tools and equipment in his shop.  Many of his tools are one of a kind, and to duplicate would have to be special made by a master gunsmith.”


See additional testimonials to Randy and the work he does, below the following photos and video. We thank you for taking the time to browse through the kind words from some of our clients.



Fredell Bull Moose taken w/ .280 Rem.

Flint Selby

Flint Selby

Bull taken in general season, 2005, North Fork drainage, Wapiti, scores 331. His Dad was with him on this hunt.

Landon Selby

Landon Selby

N. Dakota Buffalo taken w/ 405 Win.



183 score ram .270

Cathy Selby

Cathy Selby

Bull Moose 338 x 404 Express



376 score Bull Elk taken w/ 338 x 404



B.C. Moose 338 Keith Thompson



S. Africa / Blesbuck taken w/ 7 Rem. Mag



S. Africa / Gemsbuck taken w/ 7 Rem. Mag



Cow Elk taken w/ 300 Jarrett



219′ score deer taken w/ .300 Warbird



S. Africa / East Cape Kudu taken w/ 7 Rem. Mag

A great Christmas 2013 testimony from a local hunter, who Randy built a Rem. 700 25-06 for as well did load work up for him: Randy, A few words of “THANKS” for an excellent job on my new rifle. As you know, I spent most of my life in the Sporting Goods/Firearms business, shooting almost every conceivable rifle and caliber combination, both factory built and custom jobs.  I have never been completely happy or satisfied with the end result. After more than 45 years of hunting experience and rifle experimentation, I am finally 100% happy.  My experience with Randy’s Custom Rifles has breathed new life into my enthusiasm for hunting and shooting. I just completed Wyoming’s Pronghorn and Deer hunting seasons.  The 2013 tally for game taken with the new rifle is 5 antelope and 6 deer (two shooters/tag holders – my wife and I), with game harvested out to 500+ yards. I did not expect the accuracy which this rifle consistently delivers.  Less than a half minute of angle is normal at all distances.  “Yeah”… at 500 yards, a 10 shot group average is 1.7 inches.  Accuracy is always number one to me.  Second is maintaining zero.  My rifle stayed zeroed under conditions which varied from 100°F to -20°F; elevations from 4500 feet to 8000 feet. Whether first shot, cold or dirty, bouncing around for days in trucks and ATV’s, I can count on it without hesitation. Great Job! I never leave home without it. Predator hunting is next… coyotes at 500 yards… I can’t wait. 5 star job.  Old World craftsmanship is still alive and well at Randy’s Custom Rifles. Sonny Youngblood Clark, Wyoming

Randy, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I love my .257 Weatherby you built for me a few years back.  I have harvested many critters with it.  A pig and a coyote just this morning!  Every time I pick it up I have confidence when I pull the trigger a critter will fall.  Thank you!  You built my favorite!!!

Chris E., TX

Hi Randy,

I have received my rifle and had a chance to to put a few rounds through it.  I love it!  You have done it again, thanks!  I wish you had included a few a pile of business cards, I have already had several people ask about who built it, and that was one trip to the range!  If you would like me to send some more business your way please send me some cards and I will happily hand them out.

The rifle shot very well, the wind was awful so I was not expecting one hole groups at 300 yards.  It took 4 shots to zero at 300 yards and after that I shot at the gong, [12″ and hit it 21 times in a row, even in 15-25 mph cross wind].

Tim M.


I just want to thank you for building such a fine, practical rifle for me…I call it the “Selby Slammer” – because that is what it accomplishes, with finality! You truly gave me great advice on building the right rifle for the right situation and the result is very gratifying.

I did the clean and shoot routine and the barrel cleans up like a mirror very easily. I consistently shoot sub 1/2 ” hundred yard groups with it.

The NF reticle is perfect for this setup – dead on with the top hash @100 – the main crosshair @200 and follows out to about 4″ high on my 600 yd hash, which I can adjust my loads later…for now it is great, I consistently hit the 6″ gong @ 550yds.

Friday evening I “Slammed” a nice young 4X4 muley up Ishawooa with it and hope to find a bull yet this week.

Brad W.,  WY

Bravo! The Kar98k you rebarreled for me shoots absolutely magnificently. It is accurate almost to a ridiculous extent. I shot groups that were very tight even with iron sights. Once strapped to a bench, the rifle shot so close together at 50 yards that i couldn’t see the difference from shot to shot. At the end of three it looked only slightly larger than a single 8mm shot. Thank you again for making my rifle amazing to shoot.

Sincerely, Travis E. TX

HI Randy & Cathy,

I just wanted to write a short note of thanks for the excellent rifle you produced for me. I harvested my first animal with it a couple of weeks ago. A Colorado elk. This was also my first elk. You were right Randy that the 6.5×55 caliber is adequate for elk. A 200 yard shot through both lungs almost put him down immediately as his knees buckled. He only took 5 steps before collapsing. I’m very impressed with the accuracy of the rifle and it’s handling/ergonomics. Thanks again for everything!

Jim D’A., KY

Hi Randy

Thank you for the advice, that will give me something to chew on for awhile. I just received my rifle today, and all I can say is “WOW”,

It’s more perfect than I dreamed it would be! The weight and balance are awesome, and the fit and finish are no less impressive. I will no doubt be a repeat customer, given your expert advice, quality craftsmanship, prompt service, and fair prices. You can count on me to recommend you to anyone I know that is interested in custom rifle work.  Again, thank you very much for a job well done.

Best Regards

Tim M., OR


I thank you very much for the work you performed on my .270.  The hunt was a good and pleasant outing but I remain moose-less.  That notwithstanding, the rifle shoots very, very well and I am very pleased with it.  For some odd reason, whilst it didn’t recoil much before, it seems to now recoil even less, which is curious as with a longer barrel, it’s likely that the bullet is moving a bit more quickly when it exits the barrel.  The trigger is wonderful, it’s as though one doesn’t have to actually do anything beyond think “fire” and it does.

Anyway, I like it and will contact you again for my firearm modification or new build needs.

It’s a sweet shooting firearm and, frankly, it’s hard to imagine that I’ll need anything else for the type of hunting I do.  Having said this, need has little to do with wants…..

The hunt was great by the way.  Bagging a moose (or other quarry) is not the point of the exercise for me, but rather the doing of it.  It did reduce the ruffled grouse population by a small figure but that’s another story.

Kind regards,

Pat C., TX

Hello Randy and Cathy.

Just wish to let you know that I am finally figuring out how to load and shoot cartridges, and the rifle is absolutely fantastic in all respects.

Thanks for the extra help and communication when I was struggling.  As it turned out, there was a nasty bit of copper (or something) stuck and fouling the throat, I think, which left me baffled as to why things weren’t working.

Anyway, now that I have settled into using the load Randy recommended (with a very slightly shorter OACL), everything is great.

On my 100 yard target, the top two shots were actually considered to be “fouling shots” just after a very thorough cleaning.  The remaining bottom three holes measure at .272”!  And from such a beautifully crafted hunting rifle!

God bless and happy shooting!

Kirk  P. TX

Hello Randy,

Well, the last couple months I’ve been scouting mule deer for my brother.  After looking over 87 different bucks I found the one worth going after. His season finally came around and it was a complete success. Where this deer was hanging out it was impossible to get closer than 300 yards without the deer seeing someone approaching.  He was uncomfortable shooting his Ruger M77 7mm mag at that distance (300-500 yards).  So he decided to use my rifle that you had built.

Long story short, he took his best buck to date! It scored 182 1/2 with 5 1/2 bases above the burr and a 26.5 spread. Just a big heavy typical… His shot was 370 yards right through the lungs.

Just wanted to say thanks again; there will be a lot more to come!!

Jack P., ID

Cathy, I picked up the rifle today. All of the work is done as requested: My 7x 57 Mauser action that you ground the receiver on, removed the ‘hump’, installed a Douglas # 2 contour, Chrome-moly 1:9′ twist, 23′ match grade, hand lapped barrel. Machined octagon, thread, fit, chamber, cut and crowned, squared the action, installed new low bolt handle, 3 position safety & shroud, Timney adjustable trigger, Jewell bolt and polish inside, drill & tap for 2 piece Leupold scope bases and installed. All polished with 400 grit hand polish, blued barreled action, trigger guard, floor plate.

All I can say is…WHAT A PIECE OF ART! It is a great looking rifle. I can not thank you and Randy enough. It is like having Christmas early. Please extend my thanks to Randy. It is truly a pleasure working with you. I will certainly be a great reference for you, should you need it. I hope to be sending you more referral business.

Thanks again! Larry Swartz

Good morning Randy, I shot the rifle for the first time yesterday and it worked to perfection. I sighted in 3.5 inches high at 100 yards. I then shot pigs at 300, rams at 500, a gong at 700 and the buffalo at 1000 and never missed once! To say that I am happy is an understatement. The parallax adjustment on the scope is fantastic as a focus adjustment. It totally solves my problem about needing my eyeglasses to shoot.

I have found you to be the most knowledgeable gunsmith I have ever met and I have a lot of ‘custom’ work done over the years… I hope you won’t mind working with me off and on in future years.

Larry Partridge Powell, WY

Randy, Shot the 6.5-06 today. First group .605. Second group .265. Second group .020 off the lands. Couldn’t be happier! Thanks for a great rifle.

Dennis Diaz Petaluma, CA

Dear Randy,

I just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for the fine workmanship on my custom rifle. In thinking about this letter, I found one word to describe what the rifle has done for me, and for my participation in the sport of big game hunting. That word is CONFIDENCE. Webster’s dictionary defines ‘confidence’ as: ‘that in which faith is put; belief; trust; feeling of security; self-reliance’. Webster’s dictionary describes perfectly what my custom rifle has done for me. As you know, I have hunted in the northwest corner of Wyoming for many years. Since you built my rifle for me, I have harvested a bighorn sheep, plus numerous antelope, deer and elk. Just last year I harvested a beautiful bull moose. [taken with .280 Rem.] All have been taken with my rifle, nick-named ‘Sparky’. (I love the gun so much, I had to name it!) Shall we mention accuracy? Sparky is famous for 1/4′ groups at 100 yards, all bullet holes touching…Sparky will shoot as good as you can hold it. Several years ago, I harvested a cow elk from 275 yards, one shot between the eyes. The gun is incredible. I wish you all the best in your endeavors, and many thanks for building Sparky for me! Sincerely, Fredell

Both of the bench rest rifles I had made from you are superior shooters. The largest group recorded for the 6MM BR was .438, which one of my relatives shot. I show none in the files larger than .375, shot by me. The 722 Rem. in .308 x 30 is superior, also.. Even better than the 6MM BR, though I didn’t keep records on it. I use it to blow the minds of my visitors.

On one occasion I brought out the .308 x 30. I put it on the bench and fired one round. I called the shot by saying, “Good one.” One guest said, “He missed his spot.” Another guest, Roy, who knew my capabilities and that of my other rifles, replied, “He doesn’t want to hit his aiming point, he just wants to get a good group.”

Second shot, I said, “Good one.” The first guest again said, “He missed the target completely.” However, Roy, who was looking through the spotting scope said, “No, he just made the first hole slightly larger.”

On the third shot, because I pulled the rifle slightly, I called it, “Way high and way right.” Roy started laughing and the other guest looked totally confused. The third shot was perhaps 1/3 of a bullet hole right and 1/3 bullet hole high, making a pimple on the group.

Roy shot the rifle and got a group of perhaps 5/8″ and the other guest got a group of perhaps 1 1/2″, by far the best group of his entire life!

Bob Largen

Randy Selby is not a Gun Smith he is a Precision Rifle Builder. Hunting or Bench Rifle, hands down he is the best kept secret in the West. I have been shooting Randy’s rifles for more than 25 years and we are long time hunting buddies and bench rest shooting buddies. He builds every rifle the same way one at a time and the best way he knows how, as if he were building it for himself. Over the years he has built me over 20 rifles and many more for friends. All of the rifles are capable of shooting groups in the 2/10ths and 3/10ths of an inch at 100 yards and 1 1/2 inch groups at 300 yards or better. This is a bold statement but is the gospel. So if you want the best rifle money can buy you need to talk with Randy Selby. I call him the ‘rifle doctor.’

P.S. Keep your powder dry

Mike Feagans Sarasota, Florida

Dear Randy,

My Bruno arrived this afternoon in perfect condition, thank you for the rapid and excellent job. I may hunt with this rifle this fall. I look forward to the 9.3 barrel being finished and will call for pointers on how to install it when I receive it. The Cooper 20 Tacticals are on order with shipment in 2 months so I will email about them when they arrive. I spoke with a close friend Rusty Schultz last night about my Bruno and lo and behold you repaired the extractor on a left handed Rem 700 .300 for him about 10 years ago and he said you did a great job. Do you remember Rusty? With regards, Don Br. from S.C.

Hi Randy & Cathy,

If I’m not working, I like to be hunting. For years I’ve been hearing good things about Randy’s guns. My hunting buddy had him build a big magnum. What impressed me is when he picked the rifle up, it was ready to hunt! Sighted in and info on the scope as to where the bullet would hit out to 600 yeards. When he shot it, the group was amazing! Then I got to go hunting with a few other guys that had Selby built rifles and they were deadly. After further discussion, I found out they had several rifles built by Randy and they wouldn’t have anything else! I learned a long time ago to use the Pros (resources). One day we were visiting Randy about Grizzly Bear protection. He knew exactly what I needed and set me up ideally with a 480 Ruger pistol, 100 rounds of ammo, plus a custom built shoulder holster that is very comfortable. The perfect setup! Then, it was time to get 2 of my rifles in order as neither one of them grouped. Plus my mule rolled on my big magnum and bent my barrel. Randy told me, he’s straightened lots of barrels. Now I have 2 tack drivers I will love the rest of my life. Again, when I picked up the rifles, they were sighted in, ready to hunt, and info on the scope where the bullet would hit out to 700 yards. I love this kind of service! Use your resources and I highly recommend Randy! Larry Brandt

August 2, 2005

Randy started building rifles for me in 1989. My first rifle was a 25 Gibbs on a 191 Enfield action. My second rifle was another 25 Gibbs with a maple stock also done by Randy. My third rifle was a 257 Weatherby cartridge on an Enfield action with a walnut stock hand done by Randy.

All of Randy’s work has been excellent. The metal working, the wood fitting and most important all of the rifles shooting ability is great.

Randy has re-barreled and re-chambered at least 6 rifles for me, in addition to the above. I truly enjoy using rifles he has created for me. I feel confident that you would be happy with his work and enjoy the beauty of his gun work just as I have.

Harry B. Browning

I am a retired tool & dye maker/machinist and a gun enthusiast. I have traveled a lot and hobnobbed with many of the countries top gunsmiths, many associated with Safari Club International.Therefore, I appreciate that Randy Selby is by far the best of all of these I have met.

Randy is not a hobbyist. He is a dedicated, life time gun smith and his work reflects not only his constant work in this area, but in the years he also spent in other fields of industry, working to exacting, tight tolerances, which he applies to all of his gun work. I feel his superior mechanical and technical ability, experience and attention to detail contribute to a caliber of work that is not only highly mechanically sound, but each one is attractive, something you’d be proud to own, use, and pass on to the next generation….if you haven’t worn it out!

For some, delivery may be a problem, but Randy gets the work done in a good time and out the door.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Randy and his family since the fall of 1992. I am able to visit nearly every year. They have graciously opened their home to me, and I have spent many enjoyable hours visiting with them and talking shop with Randy. We’ve had time for many detailed and continuing conversations of gun making ins and out, reloading, hunting experiences (and tall tales!), and I have had an opportunity by those conversations to learn to admire his abilities and knowledge.

If you want a top-notch gunsmith, Randy Selby is the man for you. You will be more than pleased with the work he does, whether it is a repair, conversion or a complete custom rifle.

Ron Faria, CA

Below are excerpts from letters Les Bowman wrote to Randy over the years. Les also wrote for the Australian ‘Sporting Shooter’ magazine in the 80’s and also tested firearms for foreign companies.

From a letter dated July 5, 1981:
‘We cannot tell you both how nice it was to have you here for even a short time. Come often. And you, Randy, as always, helped me out no end. Shooting for me has lost it’s past interest. and with you I know that I can get the results and truth of what’s what and why as well as if I were doing it. And maybe better.’

From a letter dated July 30, 1981:
‘We sure did get some fantastic groups with the Rem. 7 x 57 with you shooting it.’

From a letter dated Aug 27, 1981:
‘Received the SWIFT two days ago and yesterday installed a 12X Leupold on it that I used back at Colt. The first two shots touched and I pulled the next 1/4′. Thanks.’

From a letter dated June 21, 1985:
‘I got one article off to The Rifle on the 17 caliber and have more they want. …I used a picture of you in my article in the Rifle Magazine.’

From a letter dated June 28, 1983:[in a previous letter he mentions writing an article for the Australian magazine, Sporting Shooter] ‘I see your picture in one of the Australian mags pumping Hoopes #9 barrel solvent at Cody shop. Cite caption calls you one of the top gunsmiths of the US. ‘