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26 Nosler Not Up to Standard of 6.5x55 Imp.

This case is way over-bore.  P. O. Ackley determined 50+ years ago that the 6.5x55 Imp. is the correct size case for the 6.5 caliber.

In my 45 years of custom rifle building in every caliber bears his observation to be true.  I’ve built 6.5x.300 Wby’s and found 400 rounds maximum accuracy from top quality Match barrels.  The Nosler case is nearly identical in capacity and it is not correct for anything below 7MM, of which I’ve built hundreds.  Using this new 26 Nosler cartridge is just asking for problems and will result in a short barrel life with such a large volume case in the 6.5 caliber.

A 6.5x55 Imp.,with the correct powders, will come within 150 to 200 fps. of the 26 Nosler with 35-40 grains less of powder and many times the barrel life.  Shooting the 26 Nosler is not cost effective, which plays a big factor in this day and age of high reloading costs.

In fact some eight years ago I shortened the 7MM Rem. Ultra Mag  and arrived at the same capacity case as the 26 Nosler in 7MM and my loads chronographed at 3447 with 140 gr bullet in 26” barrel  This should prove the point that this same case in 6.5 is too big.

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