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Accuracy and properly bedded rifle action or just “bolt together to a bedding block?”

I read where someone says that they don’t need to bed their rifles using a bedding block.

First off, this has been stated by someone who is not an experienced rifle maker or accuracy specialist..

I have nearly 50 years of experience properly bedding rifles that I build for top accuracy.  I have the same number of years properly working up top accuracy loads for EACH individual rifle I build, not just each caliber, as some do.  In most of the rifles I build the rifles are shooting groups between .300 and .400 at 100 yards.  This cannot be duplicated with un-bedded rifles, by amateurs with little know-how in developing top accuracy loads.


In all of the years of working up loads and testing my own rifles, as well as those I build and those that come into the shop for tune ups and custom load work up, I have thousands of targets to prove that the rifles I build and work on are the most accurate rifles available.  I do this testing day after day, rifle after rifle by selecting top quality barrels, each to suit the caliber, coupled with a life time of accuracy testing thousands of rifles.  I use bench rest techniques that I have developed in this shop.

Only rifles that deliver this proven level of accuracy should be used at long range distances to ethically take big game.  Never use a generic load shot in one rifle, then expect it to work in another rifle of the same caliber.  Doing so shows inexperience and the chance of wounding game that suffer a long time before being put out of its misery or never being recovered is too great.

Inexperience and lack of years in the accuracy game does not provide top level accuracy.  One to one and a half inch groups is not acceptable for long range shooting.

Also, remember there is no one perfect load for any particular caliber, even rifles using the same make of barrels from the same lot run. They are all individual and need their own “diet” to shoot to top accuracy.

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