6MM PPC HV Custom benchrest rifle built on a Selby single shot action.

Left hand port, right hand bolt.  Hart stainless barrel, McMillan HV stock painted sky blue, aluminum pillar bedded.  36x Leupold scope. 3/6” shots or better.  Won many rounds at a local rifle range by Randy and many of his friends.

We will be glad to build you a custom rifle like this one or one with modifications and changes to meet your needs.

50 BMG

50 BMG



McMillan action; Jewell trigger; Krieger stainless barrel; RCR muzzle brake; McMillan Macstock, pillar bedded with tri-pod attachment;  Badger Max 50 rings, .020 MOA bases; Horus Vision Falcon 5-20 Long Range Illuminated scope.


The rifles pictured here are just a small sampling of the rifles Randy has built over the years. Each rifle, depending on components, will be individually priced at the time of the order.

All rifles pictured on this site are custom rifles built for individual clients specifically for their own needs, uses and budget. We do not stock rifles on hand, but build rifles on order to each client’s particular specifications. We also do custom conversions. We will be glad to build a rifle custom tailored to your needs, desires and budget. A rifle may be built similar to any of the rifles depicted or may be totally different. If you do not see something on this site that you wish, that does not mean it cannot be built.  Please inquire..

All orders must have a minimum of 70% down to start the order and the balance will be due prior to the completion of the rifle.  The time frame for that balance will depend on each individual order and turnaround time.

Occasionally a rifle will be placed on the site for sale. In that case it will be noted that the rifle is for sale and a price will accompany the picture and description of the rifle.