Recently in one of my videos on The Real Gunsmith YouTube channel I mentioned that BC is not constant for any bullet.  Some naysayers said I don’t know what I am talking about.

That is their right for sure. But before they lay claim to their wrong-headed notion, they need to read what Dave Emary has to say on the subject.

Dave Emary is the recently retired senior ballistician at Hornady. He is still retained as a consultant for Hornady.

In the May 2018 issue of Guns and Ammo Dave Emary’s Beyond The Numbers column is titled What are BC and Cd and what do they mean?  The article is on page 37. This is a must read for everyone shooting long range.

He details the reasons exactly why BC is not constant.  I urge you to read this article which dispels many of the sacred cow myths surrounding ballistic coefficient as well as drag coefficient.